Cesar E. Chavez Day, March 31st, is a state holiday (in 10 states) honoring the life of a man who worked tirelessly to improve the lives of migrant farmworkers, and indeed, ALL workers.

Against great odds and many naysayers, he believed in the power of collective action to improve lives — seeking EQUALITY, JUSTICE, and DIGNITY for migrant farmworkers who faced the most difficult of circumstances just to survive.

NON-VIOLENT ACTION is the hallmark of his legacy. Organizing workers to Unionize, to Strike, to FAST, and to BOYCOTT were the tools of the struggle.

The struggle continues for AFSCME Local 1684’s workers today – for fair wages, for safe working conditions, for fair treatment, and even though the struggle can be daunting, let us appropriate Cesar’s motto for ourselves, our families, and our fellow workers….

“Si Se Puede!”

“(Yes, it can be done!)”

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