Humboldt County has employed me in public service to my community for 23 years. Known to some by the old moniker of “health inspector,” the environmental health specialist works primarily in disease prevention through inspections, permitting and education. When we are doing our jobs well and when community members contribute to that same effort, response to a disease outbreak is a rare event.

Whether monitoring landfill gas migration, transporting suspected rabid animal carcasses for testing, collecting ocean waters for bacterial analysis, checking food holding temperatures, inspecting onsite wastewater systems, or convincing that neighbor to contain and to remove their garbage more frequently, the environmental health specialist serves the community directly. I work with a group of very dedicated, hard-working people who never have a slow workday. I am proud of the people I work with, proud of the jobs we do, and proud to be a part of AFSCME Local 1684.

Carolyn Hawkins, Eureka

Eureka Times-Standard