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Schools & Communities First

Vote Vote Vote

#Prop15 is the LARGEST tax incentive for small businesses in a generation.

Vote #YesOn15 to give small businesses in California a tax CUT by giving every business in the state a $500k personal ... See more

1 week ago
5 Myths About Your CalPERS Retirement - CalPERS PERSpective


Are you getting ready to retire or thinking about planning your retirement? Get your facts straight by resolving these top 5 myths about CalPERS retirement.

3 weeks ago
Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council


Our labor endorsed candidates for Eureka and Arcata city councils:

Katie Moulton, Eureka 2nd Ward
Elizabeth "Liza" Welsh, Eureka 4th Ward


Emily Grade Goldstein, City of Arcata
Stacy ... See more

4 weeks ago
California Republican lawmaker said his party asked for state pay cuts. It didn’t

Only 5 of 120 lawmakers have asked to share in pay cuts imposed on state workers. Shouldn’t our leaders lead by example? Shouldn’t those best off be the first in line for cuts? ... See more

Only 5 of 120 California lawmakers are taking pay cuts like ones imposed on public employees.

1 month ago
Study: NY's unionized nursing homes had fewer COVID-19 cases, deaths

Unions: protecting workers and the communities they serve yet again. According to the study, the presence of a health care worker union was associated with a 30 percent lower mortality rate and 42 ... See more

A new study finds that New York nursing homes affiliated with labor unions had fewer...

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1 month ago
Liza Welsh for Eureka Ward Four

Local 1684 is proud to announce our endorsement of Liza Welsh for Eureka City Council, Ward 4. Liza is currently on our bargaining team, was elected by our membership to represent us at the recent ... See more

Elect Liza Welsh to Eureka City Council! Liza hopes to represent her neighbors in Ward Four. Please visit our website

1 month ago
Schools & Communities First


Gov. Gavin Newsom SUPPORTS @Schools1stCA because:
"residential property owners and small businesses are protected"
"it's a fair, phased-in, and long-overdue reform"
"it's consistent with California's ... See more

1 month ago

A message from one of our friends in the community:

The American Red Cross needs 80 volunteers from Humboldt County today. We need immediate volunteers who have reliable transportation and personal ... See more

1 month ago

Be safe out there, have a great time, and remember what and who we’re celebrating! 🙌

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