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2 months ago
Tell Your Senator: Save Our Public Services

Funding for essential workers on the frontlines is sorely needed everywhere. Tell Congress to act!

This isn’t a blue state or a red state issue. Federal help for America’s states, cities, towns and schools is critical to saving the essential public services that all our people and communities ... See more

2 months ago
Business, government, education leaders call for emergency funding for libraries impacted by COVID-19

Our Library family nationwide needs your support. Let your legislators know! ... See more

WASHINGTON — A coalition of business, government, and education leaders are calling on Congress to provide emergency aid to libraries impacted by COVID-19 in a letter released today by the American ... See more

2 months ago
Study Highlights Mental Health Risks Facing Healthcare Workers During Pandemic

The toll is real on those working to care for our communities. Please take care of yourselves and contact our office if you or someone you know might need the info for the Employee Assistance Program ... See more

Healthcare workers are struggling with mental-health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2 months ago
Child Care Workers Are Now a Mighty Force With a Huge New Union. It Only Took 17 Years.

Safety and representation all the more pressing as we nationally discuss returning to work and school and face a starkly contracting economy. Childcare workers coming together in this AFSCME/SEIU ... See more

Working In These Times is dedicated to providing independent and incisive coverage of the labor movement and struggles for workers' rights.

2 months ago
'Pension spiking' is not protected by California law, top court rules

“California Rule” stays mostly intact, but ‘spiking and loopholes closed.’ The fight to protect pensions remains ongoing. ... See more

Unions and public employee groups lose their challenge to the ban on 'pension spiking,' which for some created pensions higher than their salaries.

2 months ago
Webinar: Weingarten Rights with Robert M. Schwartz

There is an upcoming webinar put on by the group Labor Notes that will be held immediately prior to our Steward meeting next week that might be of interest.

The webinar is entitled “Weingarten ... See more

Join us for the second in a series of webinar events, "Weingarten Rights: How to represent workers in investigatory interviews," with veteran Boston labor lawyer Robert M. Schwartz, moderated by ... See more

2 months ago
Lung transplant expenses organized by Shannon Kenney

Family and Friends, we have a sister that could use our help. Please help if you can.

I have a rare lung disease called Chronic Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. There is no cure for t… Shannon Kenney needs your support for Lung transplant expenses

2 months ago

Did you get one of these in the mail? Let's see your pictures

3 months ago
Almost Five Months Into Pandemic Response, the County Has Spent More than $4.3 Million

Keep in mind that EOC expenses are largely, if not completely, expected to be reimbursed to the County and other staff costs, like in DHHS, are often paid in the vast majority by pass through funds ... See more

3 months ago
Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: WOSH Specialist Class. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Just in, must register by tomorrow. ✊🏽

Worker Occupational Health and Safety Training from UC Berkeley’s Labor Occupational Health Program. Open to union member-leaders.

Workers interested ... See more

Worker Occupational Safety and Health Training Education Program (July 2020 Course)

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