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Hello Everyone,

I have corrected to newsletter so the links actually work now. Newsletters are going to be available on the AFSCME 1684 website.

Missed a ... See more

The Biden-Harris team’s proposal to support public services to the tune of $600 billion is a “massive step forward,” AFSCME President Lee Saunders says.

3 weeks ago

As a way to thank our front-line public service workers this holiday season, join me and call Congress to demand robust funding for states, cities, towns and schools. We cannot beat the pandemic or ... See more

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1 month ago
A Simple Shop Floor Organizing Plan Any Essential Worker Can Use

What can YOU do from the shop floor or the office cubicle to improve safety and exercise your power?

Simple steps to take in making use of your collective voice on the job. Reach out to stewards ... See more

This shop floor plan where workers organize each other to protect themselves could be adopted in any workplace where workers are still on the job. It was developed by postal workers; click here to ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from AFSCME Local 1684's post

Which style will you choose? 😍💚🧢

Coming to you soon and by arrangement through a steward/officer/business office!

2 months ago
Next Wave: Stronger Together


Next Wave: Stronger Together Whether you are an elected leader, union activist or first-time union member — welcome to Next Wave! Our mission is to empower and unite young AFSCME members from ... See more

2 months ago
Schools & Communities First

Vote Vote Vote

#Prop15 is the LARGEST tax incentive for small businesses in a generation.

Vote #YesOn15 to give small businesses in California a tax CUT by giving every business in the state a $500k personal ... See more

3 months ago
5 Myths About Your CalPERS Retirement - CalPERS PERSpective


Are you getting ready to retire or thinking about planning your retirement? Get your facts straight by resolving these top 5 myths about CalPERS retirement.

3 months ago
Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council


Our labor endorsed candidates for Eureka and Arcata city councils:

Katie Moulton, Eureka 2nd Ward
Elizabeth "Liza" Welsh, Eureka 4th Ward


Emily Grade Goldstein, City of Arcata
Stacy ... See more

3 months ago
California Republican lawmaker said his party asked for state pay cuts. It didn’t

Only 5 of 120 lawmakers have asked to share in pay cuts imposed on state workers. Shouldn’t our leaders lead by example? Shouldn’t those best off be the first in line for cuts? ... See more

Only 5 of 120 California lawmakers are taking pay cuts like ones imposed on public employees.

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